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#rwworkshop chat is for experts and novices using reading and/or writing workshop to discuss ideas, ask questions and help others.
Moderated by @kelleemoye and @mindi_r

Reading/Writing Workshop Chat (#rwworkshop) is the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm ET.

Next chat: TBD
Reading/Writing Workshop Chat is currently being revamped. Mindi and Kellee will let you all know when it is back up and running.

Topic: Professional Development
Topic: Independent Reading
Topic: Resources
Topic: Reading Workshop 2.0 (Special guest: Dr. Frank Serafini!)
Topic: Start of the School Year
Topic: Summer Reading (Recreational and Professional)
Topic: Favorite Workshop Lessons
Topic: Rituals with a Focus on Scheduling and Conferencing
Topic: Classroom Libraries and Independent Reading (Special Guest: Teri Lesesne!)
Topic: Loves and Bugs
Topic: Resolutions
Topic: Building Units
Topic: Nonfiction
Topic: Getting Students to Think Deeper
Topic: Student Talk and Discussion
Topic: Back to School
Topic: Summer Reading
Topic: End of Year Reflections
Topic: Picture Books as Mentor Texts
Topic: Back to Basics
Topic: Conferencing
Topic: Classroom Libraries
Topic: Workshop Resolutions
Topic: Struggling Readers
Topic: Q&A (Conferencing and Rituals/Routines)
Topic: Diving Deeper into Writing Workshop
Topic: Matching Students with Text
Topic: Starting off the Year Right!
Topic: Professional and Personal Renewal
Topic: Yearly Reflection
Topic: Writing Workshop 101
Topic: Planning and Resources
Topic: Planning Units Within the Workshop Model
Topic: What Makes Your Workshop Unique?
Topic: Teachers as Readers
Topic: Student Choice
Topic: CCSS & Reading/Writing Workshop
Topic: Assessment
Topic: Conferring
Topic: The Upcoming Year
Topic: Changes for Next Year
Topic: End of Year Reflections and Celebrations
Topic: Motivation
Topic: Assessment
Topic: Read alouds
Topic: Professional Texts, Websites and Other Resources
Topic: Minilessons
Topic: Writer's Workshop
Topic: Authentic Responses and Assessments
Topic: Conferring

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